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About Us

Ravit Rose, mom of two boys, thought her divorce would be easy and seamless. Little did she know that was entering a game that she knew nothing about. She struggled to survive for nearly 10 years and suffered major financial losses until she started to understand the patterns that were plaguing her as well as families around the world. As a Divorce Coach & Mentor, she now educates and inspires parents worldwide on how to AVOID ending up broke & broken- whether financially, emotionally or physically so that they can simply move FORWARD with their lives.

Why You Should Join Us

We don't know how to marry and we certainly don't know how to divorce either. That is why Divorce by Rose was created! 

Whether you are contemplating divorce or you're at the beginning stages of your separation, this Social Network is ideal for you if:

- You know that your ace card is arming yourself with knowledge

- You would love a support system and communicating with like-minded parents to share your thoughts, feelings and worries is extremely interesting for you. 

- You want to see what other parents are feeling or doing or how they are succeeding.

And most importantly, you would like to stay ANONYMOUS. You can set up your profile name as Donald Duck or use your own name and choose the profile image of your choice. It is entirely up to you. No one needs to know who you are! You will feel free, secure and comfortable chatting in the feed, groups or taking online courses! 

A Big Thanks

to our wonderfully talented and professional Experts who have joined us from around the world to provide you insightful information that will positively change your life forever. 

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